Spontaneous theater of the absurd... lascivious, blasphemous and potentially dangerous.”
— LA Weekly

LA's underground comedy hit, The Murge has been running in the same small theater in a Los Feliz strip mall for over 3 years. Live-directed by John Gilkey, The Murge is a showcase for The Idiot Workshop's unique style of wild and unpredictable comedy. 

9:30-10:30pm • every 2nd Sunday of the month @ The Clubhouse



Five teams enter. One team wins. 

IDIOT DOME is unlike any other comedy competition you've experienced. Each team is made up of current and former students of The Idiot Workshop. They have only one mission - to be so memorable -- in success or failure -- that the audience votes for them at the end. There is no fourth wall. No rules. The only mandate is to use their Idiot training to take them into the deepest waters of pure idiocy to reign supreme.

The evening is hosted by Joe Mitchell and William Sheets.

9:30-10:30pm • every 4th Sunday of the month @ The Clubhouse



Hippodrome is an open jam from The Idiot Workshop led by John Gilkey. We invite everyone to come hang out for any or all of it. We’re never quite sure who will get up, but we look to mix people who might not have played together before, try new things, and show what we’re up to. We want to challenge what we do and see all the styles the Idiot thing can take.

9:30pm-12:30am • every 4th Tuesday of the month @ Lyric Hyperion Theater and Cafe


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Both a satire and sincere attempt at feminist performance art.

WOM is simply put the word woman without man. A Wet The Hippo production in collaboration with visual artist Allison Honeycutt and directed by John Gilkey. A one hour long comedic, musical and movement manifesto within the WOMARIUM, a playground of shedded skin tapestries, dough, babies, mason jars, musical instruments that we actually know how to play, a mountain top from which to yell "I HAVE NO APOLOGIES," and a phone booth from which to say "I am so deeply sorry."




A completely new approach to live performance in which the ensemble is directed in real time right in front of the audience. Wet The Hippo will stop at nothing to make sure the audience is satisfied. The show featured nine performers including actors, improvisers, comedians, and one concert violist.

"This show should simply not be missed ...transcendent...absolutely hilarious ...beautiful ...the whole thing feels like a jazz symphony made up on the spot by Duke, Miles, Coltrane and Fitzgerald. Yes, the members of Wet The Hippo are that good."  


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Playing with language, the absurd, dance, and physical comedy in a variety show gone awry, The Simple Simples navigate the science of imaginary solutions, inviting the audience to accompany them to and from deep pools of pleasurable uncertainty.

"The Simple Simples is nuts, and I love it... the characters’ mix of sincerity and stupidity transcends comedy to reveal some very basic, brutal truths about human nature. This is the kind of comedy we don’t get enough of."