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ADVANCED - Together in Perfect Juxtaposition

  • Moving Arts 1822 Hyperion Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90027 United States (map)

Sundays • 11am-2pm • 6 Weeks • $250
*Class size limited to 13

TEACHERS: Kevin Krieger & John Norris

Pre-requsite: Intermidiot

Working with multiple players and creating more visual scenes. This class can be taken multiple times and at any time. We are not seeking to graduate but to explore...


In the ADVANCED class performers learn to play with stage partners. For The Idiot there is never a fourth wall, so care is taken in order to sustain the relationship with the audience. Rather than create relationships with face to face dialogues, The Idiot uses more subtle elements like physicality, sound and tone. Performers will discover ways to create more visual scenes including the use of tableau, stage pattern, space and architecture. Performers will discover ways to create tension and dynamics through the use of status in their relationships.

Performers will learn to generate comedy through contrast, layers, and juxtaposition in a stage picture with multiple concurrent perspectives. Performers will discover how rhythm plays a key role in the exchange between multiple players and how the throwing and taking of focus drives the scene forward. Performers will explore creative and playful ways to challenge each other including counter-intuitive ways to “yes and” one another.

Total Cost: $230*

*Payment due in full upon registration. If unable to pay, please contact for payment options.