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Whether you’re a performer, comedian, dancer, musician, or artist,

we hope that being a part of this community will be a rich and strange experience,

and a place to share your rich and strange experience with others.


For comedians & improvisers:

* find your unique comedy core

* become more over-the-top ridiculous

* break stand-up & improvisation rules to uncover new comedy angles

* develop and deepen one-of-a-kind characters for solo performance, improv, or sketch

* discover new directions for faster, more connected, and more physical riffing

* avoid the safety net of acting with ironic detachment and bring audiences to an immediate, visceral emotional connection.



For musicians:

* bring yourself and your instrument into the middle of the performance

* unlock creative impulses by throwing your body into the process

* offer your music to inspire your co-performers

* get inspired by fellow students who, wriggling about right in front of you, are reaching for new creative territory

For actors:

* unlearn in order to become more fearless on stage

* uncover new ranges and abilities

* magnify your flaws into hilarious and/or memorable character traits

* strip away old masks; discover brand new characters rooted in whom you are

* learn to improvise organically without having to follow improv rules or formulas

* learn new ways of staying connected to you, your scene, and the audience/camera



For dancers:

* discover another voice

* speak your dance, dance your words

* unlock new improvisational routes for your body

* find new ways to collaborate with other performers

* leave your trained body and come back to it



- core classes -

Our classes follow a few levels that roughly correspond to going from working on your individual voice to working with partners and finally as part of an ensemble.


There is fluidity in them and it is not uncommon to hang out for a while in any one of them.

After completing Intro, your instructor will recommend which class is best for you.

—  INTRO —
Getting out there, finding the spirit of presence and play. Rather than beginning with the basics, stepping in gently, building little by little, we start by throwing you in the deep end. There is no ceiling.

Building onstage relationships through movement and stillness, voice and silence. How far will you go to commit to your stage partner? How, as a duo, can you create a complicity that both engages and challenges your audience?

In working with other people, how can we, through contrast, levels, and juxtaposition, establish a stage picture where there are multiple concurrent perspectives, and how does that free us to play and say what we will.

Folks who have achieved a certain level of Idiocy may be invited to audition for this class. We will meet once a week and perform once a month in a show directed live in front of an audience. This class requires a four-month commitment.



- special classes -

These classes expand on particular elements of The Idiot Workshop. You can jump into them at any time, even before taking an Intro class.

All classes use the medium of performance and are designed for artists across disciplines.

—  Idiot Moves—

Introduction to Ballet and Contemporary dance styles, focusing on elements such as balance, agility, strength and proprioception. This series is geared towards actors and improvisors with little to no formal dance training.  All levels welcome.

  —  Acting As Disaster —

 Dig into traditional texts and plays by Chekhov, Pinter, Tennessee Williams, and others. Interrogate the ways scripts are approached and brought into a rehearsal room. How can we take from those approaches, exaggerate and subvert them, slam them against a wall, and see what spills out?

—  A Very Special Writing Class
We’re wondering: what would happen if we wrote in the Idiot Workshop. What would we say? What are we thinking when we’re not thinking? How can we write that? And how do we say what we’ve written?





We do a few and encourage you to see what you can, especially to get a sense of the different flavors this thing can take.

There are also a few shows run by members of the community where you can get up and perform right now.

Check out Wet The Hippo for more.


"If i could tell you what it meant there would be no point in dancing it."  ~ Isadora Duncan